Kindergarten at CLPAK

At Calvary, we want to see your child succeed and grow - just as you do. Through small class sizes and individualized attention, kindergarten students will build a solid foundation for the future.

Children must be 5 years old by August 31st of this year to register.

Curriculum Information
Our kindergarten curriculum is built around teacher and child-initiated activities in language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, physical education, music, social/emotional education and spiritual growth.
Mathematics – Students identify numbers, count 1-100, recognize and make patterns, understand early addition and subtraction, count money, measure using inches, tell time to the hour and identify 3-dimensional shapes - but this is just the beginning! Children complete a Spectrum Math workbook that highlights state and national standards.
Language Arts – Listening, speaking, reading (using phonetic awareness and the phonics approach) and writing (using writing workshop and journals). The curriculum is loosely based on the Reading A-Z program and is tailored to each student's needs.
Social Studies – We learn about history, current events, and holidays through Scholastic's Let’s Find Out and personal lesson plans.
Science – Experiments galore! Will things sink or float? What colors combine to make purple? How do magnets work?
Music – Basic instruction regarding percussion instruments and some experiences with string and wind instruments.
Physical education – Stretching, muscle movement, dancing and playground time!
Social/emotional growth – Students learn the proper words/phrases to communicate politely to peers and teachers, resolve a disagreement, respond to unkind words/actions and express feelings.
Spiritual growth – We teach the story of salvation (Jesus’ birth, His life, His death and His resurrection) through Bible lessons. Students practice remembering and reciting passages and singing as a group.


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