Adult Bible Class

Bible Class is on hiatus for the summer. We will resume after Labor Day!

Sunday School

During the school year, we offer three classes:

  • Sprouts (birth till age 2): 1-2 minute Bible story and developmental play time.
  • Pre-Readers (age 3 - ?): Bible story and craft time.
  • Readers (approx. age 6 - 12): Bible story (sometimes accompanied by games or videos) and life application.

Occasionally the groups will gather for music/song time.

There will be NO Sunday School on Christmas Day or New Year's Day.

Bible Information Class (BIC)

Bible Information Class is currently happening on Saturdays at 11 am!

Anyone wishing to learn more or become a member of Calvary is required to go through the 12-week BIC curriculum with Pastor Herrmann. You will find these classes fun, interesting and a great way to grow in faith and knowledge of the Bible!